Jonathon Klem

Now Using Gatsby

Mar 09, 2024

In 2015 I switched this blog from WordPress to Jekyll. Now, almost a decade later I guess it's time to keep up with the times. Some items broke or were having problems after I tried to post an update to my blog after almost 8 years of inactivity. I would have just scrapped the content, but some of the blasts from the past like the OLF post I want to preserve.

I like the use of GraphQL and I think the MDX concept is pretty neat. Being able to include React components in my markdown files seems impractical but I'm sure I'll find something fun to do with it:

I'm also able to integrate Tailwindcss which is another library I have recently fallen in love with. The only thing I don't like about Gatsby is the error messages are mostly useless.

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